It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

    What is Astrology About?

 Astrology is a map of the unseen energies which exist all around us.  It is an ancient art which dates back to ancient Sumerians 4,000 years ago. Your birth chart is exactly where the planets were in relation to you when you were born; as singer Morrissey cleverly sings, “Nature is a Language, can’t you read?” Just as a mirror-like fractal, the macro celestial-scape is connected to the human mandala here on earth: threads of inter-connectivity tie the universe together, and it my job to see them! There is nearly infinite information we can gain from reading nature’s eloquent language in the celestial sphere, from our natural gifts to relationship proclivities and the story of our childhoods.  By learning about our own, sometimes hidden or repressed personality aspects, we can bring these qualities to light, learning how they can help us in our lives.  Whether they are gifts or challenges, as we face our own personalities consciously, the whole picture becomes apparent and we master our own potential. I have studied astrology for over ten years from books, teachers and real life experience, and can offer a chart done with insight and compassion. I specialize in looking at ways to heal wounds of childhood and finding our best natural gifts. 
  What will it do for you?  

I tend to focus on overall themes, your overall life’s path, the big picture.  What are the main goals of your life on earth?  What did you come into the world equipped with and where do you need to challenge yourself in order to grow?    If you want me to take a look at a partner, friend’s or parent’s chart to see what gifts and challenges you may have with them, I’m happy to do so (with their permission of course!)  I am more into focusing on your personality than predictive astrology (transits), looking at your childhood and general life direction.  However, I can also look at what may have been going in the past or future for you after a natal chart reading. That’s because if we start where we are, we can go far.  

  Why Compassionate?

I am interested in helping people to express their enlightened qualities so all their different needs can become integrated with their whole being. Every person has a unique and valuable part to play on earth, astrology can help uncover your calling and show you how to unfold it.By finding our own strengths we naturally become more compassionate to others.  By learning about our own challenges we become more compassionate towards ourselves and learn how to heal the wounds that hold us back. Through healing we become joyful inwardly and more harmonious outwardly.

  How to get it?

 In order to do your chart I will need to know your birthday, place of birth and time of birth. It takes me about a week to meditate on your chart- then we can meet in person, on the phone or on skype if you are far away.  I can also record an audio file for you if you are not available to meet in person. I also love to read kids and babies charts- these are usually a little shorter.  I can also read short charts for your pets!   Rates depend on how long your reading is- it is $50 for the first hour which includes the initial birth chart reading.   If you wish to extent the session or schedule more after this to discuss your chart in more depth, which many people do, then Its $30 per hour after that.  This is because the inital research takes time.   Sliding scale available for yogis. Tips accepted if you like your reading! 

  email me at to schedule a reading.